Fête de l’Europe // 13.05.17

Today, Connie and I, to celebrate Europe day, took a trip to the Hôtel de Ville in Paris. Europe Day was actually on the 9th May, but the weekends are always better times for these sort of things. The city had organised a fête outside the Hôtel with loads of activities, talks, and, most importantly, food based on/from the countries of the European Union.


Within about five seconds of getting in, Connie managed to get herself in front of a camera that, for once, wasn’t mine! She was then somehow persuaded into having a full-on interview (in French as well!). God knows how, but she came out the other side unscathed!


I then got myself stuck into a game where you had to match the flag with its country, which I went for with a fervour that quickly fizzled out. I mean, is there really a difference between the flags of Luxembourg and the Netherlands?! If I learned anything from the day it’s that my knowledge of the locations of Eastern European countries is an area that really needs work.


As well as food trucks, and pamphlets galore, there was a stage at one end with a variety of European bands playing throughout the afternoon. The parvis in front of the Hôtel de Ville was a fantastic backdrop for the event, as was the BHV to the north.


I found out a lot about the European Union and the opportunities it provides for its young citizens, as did Connie. We both came out with several leaflets, books, and pamphlets full of information. If anything, I’ll be picking up a lot of political words to add to my ever-expanding French vocabulary. All of the staff working behind the stalls were so welcoming, and very willing to have a conversation with me, even in my awfully-put-together French.


I know we’ve both had a really fun day out, and I’m so glad we discovered this event. I’ll definitely be keeping an eye out for similar days happening in the future – any opportunity to have a chat in incredibly dodgy French is great in my book!

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