Grand Mosquée

This weekend I took a trip to the Jardin des Plantes, in the 5th arrondissement with a friend, but before embarking off into the gardens, we first stopped for a drink in the Grand Mosque de Paris. In one corner of the complex, there is a small café with a gorgeous outside seating area at the entrance.


Complete with palms, wicker chairs, and bright oranges and blues, I almost felt transported into a different continent; if only there weren’t as many others taking pictures of the courtyard. I realise that’s quite hypocritical, but at least I was having a drink! Some people were just walking in from the street, and then back out again!


Either way, I still managed to find my peace and quiet there, and got down to a little bit of planning (for a project that will be revealed in the coming month I’m sure!)


I will definitely have to return here in the near future. They do serve food too, which I have yet to sample, but rest assured I will!

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