Pooley Bridge to Patterdale

Dad and I have been out and about again on one of our walks. Starting at the northern tip of Ullswater in Pooley Bridge, we walked 16km (10 miles) down the eastern edge of the lake to Patterdale, following the Ullswater Way.

Grasmere & Rydal

Grasmere and Rydal are two Lake District hotspots with deep ties to one of England’s most well-known poets, William Wordsworth. His most well-known residence, Dove Cottage, was the starting point for this walk. Well, nearly. We started from a car park over the road from Dove Cottage, but it’s near enough.


The second installment in my series of Lake District walks takes place in the Borrowdale Valley, an area ever so slightly touched upon in my previous post. This walk was a little bit shorter, finishing up as a nice round 10 kilometres, but it was a touch more tricky underfoot to begin with. As with the last route, I shall add the map of this walk to the end of this post.

The Derwentwater Way

As part of a new series of blogs, my Dad and I are heading out on a variety of walks in the Lake District, finding spectacular, interesting, or quirky things along the way. The first of our walks took us around the Derwentwater Way, a ten mile route encircling the lake. I’ve added a rudimentary map of the route we took to the end of this post, but the Keswick visitor website has another downloadable, easy-to-follow map, which can be found here. The walk is a very popular, fairly easy and flat walk in the Lake District, and is generally well sign-posted.

Walking the Coulée Verte

In 1969, the train line from Bastille to Vincennes was closed down, but the path taken by the line still exists, and is now the Coulée Verte. It’s a 4.7km trail which runs from the old station in Bastille (now the Opéra) to the Bois de Vincennes further east. The route is lined with a variety of trees, shrubs, and flowers, which look fantastic now the spring is in full flow.

Forêt de Marly in monochrome

These (very few) photos were taken on a little walkabout in the Forêt de Marly, near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is just outside of Paris. I was on a walk with my friends so I took far more photos of them than the actual forest, but I have yet to ask them whether I can use them on this blog! I love taking candid shots of people, and they have been the subject of many of them when we’ve been out and about.

Meandering the Moyen Ages

A few weekends ago, I took to the streets of historical Paris again, but this time I was exploring Paris in the Middle Ages with a friend. We set off quite late in the afternoon, so when we got to some of our destinations, they were sometimes closed. It didn’t stop us from seeing the sights though!

Wandering in 18th Century Paris

I recently found a collection of self-guided history walks around Paris, and have given myself the goal of completing them all by the time I leave France in August. I have so far only completed the 18th century walk, but I’m planning on getting another one done in a few weeks time.