Forêt de Marly in monochrome

These (very few) photos were taken on a little walkabout in the Forêt de Marly, near Saint-Germain-en-Laye, which is just outside of Paris. I was on a walk with my friends so I took far more photos of them than the actual forest, but I have yet to ask them whether I can use them on this blog! I love taking candid shots of people, and they have been the subject of many of them when we’ve been out and about.


When it came to the editing stage with these photos, I wanted to try something different, so these three photos are solely in black and white. I haven’t worked a lot with monochrome because I can never seem to do the landscape justice, as I’ve seen other photographers do. Please do let me know what you think- any constructive comments are more than welcome!


It was a chilly, but fresh day in the forest, and there were very few leaves on the trees given. I really want to go back soon to get some shots with the leaves and spring flowers in full bloom – may need to take along a few antihistamines to combat my hayfever though! As for the photos though, I really like the depth of the above photo. I love how the trees change from really dark greys to lighter as you look further back.

As for the photo below, I experimented with blurring the background, which brought the wispy offshoots into an apparently sharper focus. I don’t even know what sort of plant/tree I’d photographed, but I just found it absolutely fascinating.


On a complete sidebar: I’ve recently entered a photo into a little competition at my language school in France, which is also black and white. I’ll hopefully take some photos when the gallery opens with all the different entries, and write about it afterwards. Watch this space!

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