Pooley Bridge to Patterdale

Dad and I have been out and about again on one of our walks. Starting at the northern tip of Ullswater in Pooley Bridge, we walked 16km (10 miles) down the eastern edge of the lake to Patterdale, following the Ullswater Way.



I should mention that the plan was to walk to Glenridding and take one of the Ullswater Steamers back to our car in Pooley Bridge. I, however, had missed my morning alarm, so our later-than-planned start meant that we missed the last boat from Glenridding. Oops! We were in time for the 508 bus from Patterdale though, so it’s not all bad news.

It was a pretty good day for a walk, starting off quite fresh and bright, but somewhere just after midday, the rain started and I got a bit soggy. But it did result in sights like this:


Ullswater is the second largest lake in the Lake District, measuring 14.5km in length from end to end. It has been called the ‘most beautiful’ lake, but as I said in a previous post, I think Rydal Water is pretty high on the list.

As I mentioned, Dad and I followed part of the Ullswater Way down the side of the lake, and whilst being a fairly easy walk (especially from Pooley Bridge to Howtown) it did get a bit slippy on the stone paths between Howtown and Glenridding when it rains. Wainwright, one of the most famous Lake District chroniclers, called the latter half of this walk “the most beautiful of lake walks in the National Park.”

It’s hard to argue with that, especially in autumn, when you get scenes like this (also featuring Dad):



The Ullswater Way is quite a new development in the grand scheme of things. It was officially opened last year by broadcaster and Cumbrian, Eric Robson. It has proved to be quite successful in bringing visitors to the area so far, so let’s hope that continues! The Ullswater Way is 32km (or 20 miles) long and takes you around the whole of the lake. This time round, Dad and I only walked half of this, but I’m sure I’ll be up the opposite side soon.



There’s plenty to do on Ullswater as well. Even in the pretty nippy weather, there were still plenty of people out in canoes and kayaks. I dread to think how cold they’d be if they fell in! I’d rather be on a Steamer to be honest. There’s a smattering of moorings along the side of the lake, as well as the Ullswater Yacht Club which we walked past on our route. Also to be found on the shores of the lake are campsites, which are always buzzing with people in summer.

I’ll leave it here for now; but unlike with other walk posts, I haven’t put a map of the route at the end of this one as we didn’t really make any variations outside of the Ullswater Way during our walk. I have found a vague map of the route on the Lake District website though, which shows more of the attractions and highlights that can be found along the way. So here’s the link to that.

On a small sidebar or postscript, I am on the lookout for the most interesting and unique eateries in Cumbria, so if you have any places you feel I should check out, please let me know! Get me on Twitter and Facebook with any suggestions.

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