A Day in York: Part 3

I can’t believe I’ve reached the third part of this series. In fact, yes, I can believe it – there’s so much heritage in York that it would be hard to squash it all into one, or even two, posts! The end of part two saw the back of St. Mary’s Abbey and Monk Bar;  so now we’re looking ahead to one of York’s most well-known landmarks, one of the city’s oldest streets, and a final hurrah from Clifford’s Tower.

On the Trail of the Impressionists

Throughout my time in France, I have been attending a language school who occasionally put on cultural trips to supplement our learning, which I think is great! Our most recent excursion took us from Chatou to Bougival, via Croissy-sur-Seine, to discover more about the Impressionist painters of the later 1880s.

Dalemain Mansion

Nestled in a corner of the Lake District, about 10 miles from the town of Penrith, you’ll find Dalemain Mansion, most famous for its annual Marmalade Awards. For one weekend in the middle of March, the world’s marmalade aficionados descend on the house to taste and enjoy a huge selection of marmalades submitted by competitors from all over the world!