A Day in York: Part 3

I can’t believe I’ve reached the third part of this series. In fact, yes, I can believe it – there’s so much heritage in York that it would be hard to squash it all into one, or even two, posts! The end of part two saw the back of St. Mary’s Abbey and Monk Bar;  so now we’re looking ahead to one of York’s most well-known landmarks, one of the city’s oldest streets, and a final hurrah from Clifford’s Tower.

Bootham Bar

A Day in York: Part 2

Let’s get back to York! When I left last time, I had touched on the first part of my walk through York’s history, beginning at Micklegate, and, to be honest, not much further. As I mentioned at the end of the post, my next stop was St. Mary’s Abbey in the Museum Gardens so that’s where we’ll pick up. I had been to the abbey ruins previously on a school trip, but I was more interested in being out of the classroom than the story at the time! Returning to it now I can appreciate it more, and despite essentially being a ruin in a park, what the remains represent is fascinating.