Cruising down the Seine

Taking a sightseeing cruise down the Seine in Paris was something I’d wanted to do since I first arrived in France, and it only took me about 10 months to finally get around to it! I probably wouldn’t have done so unless I was with these two champions:


It was Connie’s last day to explore Paris and this was one activity on her checklist. We used the Batobus to hop around the city, starting at Beaugrenelle, where you’ll find the (replica) Statue of Liberty, and the Pont de Grenelle. Interestingly, under the Pont de Grenelle, at the end of the Île aux Cygnes, is a little outdoor gym for the general public to use as and when. Pretty good idea if you ask me!


Moving on though… The Batobus tours can take you all the way from Beaugrenelle in the west, to the Jardin des Plantes in the east, with a handful of stops scattered throughout on both sides of the river. You can get your hands on tickets at nearly all the riverside landmarks in Paris, and at a handful of tourist information centres too.

What’s good about the Batobuses, and most other river cruise companies in Paris, is that you can hop-off and hop-on whenever you want to at any time of day. We really only chose Batobus in particular because it was a bit cheaper for us, and they have these panoramic boats so you can see in all directions. Downside is though, when it’s hot, it’s super hot in the boat. You’re basically travelling in a greenhouse.


It’s fun to see the big landmarks from a different perspective too. It makes for a few interesting photos!


We’d all visited a lot of the places on the tour before so didn’t feel the need to stop every 10 minutes to get off and walk around, but for someone who’s only in Paris for a week or so, this is a fun way to travel.

We did leave the boat for lunch near the Hôtel de Ville, combining it with a wander down past the Bouquinistes, the iconic book stores which line the edges of the Seine. I bought Ratatouille in French, it was the best purchase I made in Paris. Yes, it is a Disney book for children, and yes, I am that ridiculous.


But back to the boats! We spent the remainder of our day sailing (well, technically motoring) down the river, spotting buildings and landmarks from the comfort of our boat.




As the end of the day neared, we hopped off near the Eiffel Tower, grabbed some takeout food, and sat eating on the edge of the river as the sun was setting. It was hella cute. It was, hands-down, one of the best days I had in the city, and would do it ten times over.


To find out more about the Batobus service, follow this link here. There are other river cruise services available in Paris, such as the Bateaux Parisiens, but we just chose Batobus for its student discount and snazzy boats!

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