Dalemain Mansion

Nestled in a corner of the Lake District, about 10 miles from the town of Penrith, you’ll find Dalemain Mansion, most famous for its annual Marmalade Awards. For one weekend in the middle of March, the world’s marmalade aficionados descend on the house to taste and enjoy a huge selection of marmalades submitted by competitors from all over the world!

However, when I visited, it was September. Along with some of my older family members, I visited the extensive gardens that accompany the house and took it as an opportunity to take some floral close-ups.


I’m not incredibly green-fingered, so I’m afraid I can’t give you the Latin names for any of the plants featured here. If anyone can, please let me know and I can add them in later! Either way, I adore looking around gardens and seeing the huge variety of  flowers and plants that exist.



Dalemain Mansion has been around since the reign of Henry II in the 12th century, and has been owned by the same family, the Hasells, since 1679. Its gardens, which are incredibly well-kept, won the prestigious Garden of the Year award in 2013. It’s fair to say they brought together the historical and mysterious qualities of the house in the garden, as showcased with a huge sleeping dragon, and a snoozing giant.


There is a walk to follow around the gardens, taking you through a rose walk, which was beautiful when I saw it.


The variety of colours and species was brilliant, and I really want to go back in the height of summer to see how it has changed in the months since my visit.


To find out more about the house and its gardens, please head over to the website:


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